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 Are lace wigs difficult to apply?

Our lace wigs or hair extensions are not difficult to install.? However, if you're hesitant or nervous about installing your own, do not take the chance of possibly destroying it.? Call a professional.? There are many individuals in the industry who can install these products relatively inexpensive.? We want you to look your absolute best wearing our wigs and hair extensions, and a professional installer and stylist can play a big role in obtaining that celebrity look.
Can the lace wig be sewn down?
Yes. Many customers sew down their lace wigs for added security. TIP: Use a small C curve needle & be careful with the lace!
Can I wear a lace wig if my head is completely bald?
YES! You would be an excellent candidate for a lace wig. Lace wigs and toupees were originally created for people suffering from hair loss. Many of these patients were bold or practically bald! If there is not hair underneath, you will achieve the flattest, most natural looking hairline! Some of our customers actually request to be shaved prior to application for that very reason.
Do I have to wear a wig cap beneath the wig?
It is not mandatory to wear a wig cap underneath a lace wig. However some need the wig cap in order maintain their hair beneath the wig. If the hair is braided down, it is usually not necessary but some people prefer the wig cap. TIP: Try to use wig cap that complements your skin tone and wig color.

Do I have to remove the wig each day?
No you do not have to remove?your unit each day. The various adhesives?have different hold strengths/time. We recommend?getting your wig applied based on your lifestyle needs. You have the option of using an adhesive with a (1) day hold, (7) day hold, up to 6 weeks hold. For a short term hold up to 2 weeks we recommend Mity Tite Adhesive. For a stronger, long term hold, we recommend and offer Ultra Hold.
Is it better to use a professional to apply my lace wig?
The primary reason for purchasing a lace wig is to create a very natural looking hairline so that the wig doesn't appear to be a wig. To achieve this look, we suggest you contact a professional to install your wig. It's not a good look to purchase a nice looking lace wig that ends up looking wiggy because it was poorly installed. Do yourself a favor and allow a professional to install your lace wig.

Can I wear a lace wig if I have a lot of hair?
Yes. You can wear a lace wig even if you have long hair. Simply make your hair as flat as possible. Some prefer cornrow braids, others choose to wrap their hair. The use of a wig cap can help keep your own hair secure underneath. TIP: The flatter the better!!
Who is a good candidate for a lace wig?
Any woman who desires a flawless hairline is a good candidate for the lace wigs! However, a person that has a hairline that comes far into the face or down the neck, must be willing to remove the surplus hair. This hair removal is to ensure proper application and appearance of a natural hairline.
Can I apply my own lace wig?
There is normally a short learning curve for perfecting your application. However, you do not need to have the skills of a licensed cosmetologist to be able to apply your lace wig. We will provide you with the tools needed to perfect your application. We will eventually include basic lace wig application instructions with each lace wig purchase. Of course, the best course of action is to seek out the services of a stylist who specializes in lace wig applications.
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