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Love wigs as it is your own hair, how to care it?

 Can i apply chemicals to my lace wig?

Yes, you can. However, you must remember to treat your new lace as you would your own hair. Harsh chemicals prove to be damaging to the hair as well as the lace. Use your discretion and always seek the advice of a professional.
Can I part my wig as I wish?
On a full lace wig you can part the hair anywhere because it is handtied throughout and freestyle. On a lace front wig, you can only part on the lace, which is normally located ear to ear at the front of the unit.
Can I sleep in my lace wig?
Depending on the hold life of the adhesive you may sleep in your wig for many nights. However, we suggest removing your wig a bedtime to achieve the longest life. ?TIP: We recommend the use of a satin bonnet at bedtime.
Can I blow dry my lace wig after washing?
We do not recommend blow drying your wig. Blow Drying can cause shedding because of high heat and the hair is weaker when wet. After washing we suggest air dry.
Can I shower or swim in my lace wig?
Once your lace wig is properly applied, water should not affect the glue. Most of the adhesives are water resistant. If you plan to engage in more water activities than normal, go with an extended hold adhesive.?You can also sew it down for added security.
How often should I wash my lace wig?
With regular wear, we suggest washing your lace wig weekly. We recommend the use of natural high quality products with emphasis on conditioning. Some people like to wash their unit while it is still applied on their heads. Others prefer to wash the unit after it has been completely removed.
How do I properly care for my lace wig after swimming?
After any activities involving excess water or sweat, you want to towel blot the lace immediately. Blow drying on cool air can expedite the drying process. For the hair, you want to use a detangling conditioning spray and big tooth comb to detangle from the end and working toward the root. Always remember not to use a bristle brush! Because the lace is vulnerable when wet be very careful. Air dry is the safest method.
Can I wear my lace wig in a high ponytail?
Yes, the sleek high ponytail is one of the most popular styles of lace wig wearers. TIP: You must have a full lace unit in order to achieve this style. This style is not possible with lace front units.
How can I prevent my lace wig from tangling?
It is natural for human hair to tangle and shed somewhat. However, with proper care and maintenance you lace wig should be very manageable. We recommend the use of a big tooth comb and detangling conditioning spray or leave in conditioner to soften. When going to bed, the use of a satin bonnet will certainly help. If not merely put it in a ponytail during resting or idle time.
How do I take care of my lace wig?
Every lace wig purchase will include basic care instructions. Product recommendation for maintenance will also be included with every lace wig purchase.


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